It’s an office disaster waiting to happen.

As I mentioned on an earlier post, Halloween was a bust in terms of seeing any kids in costume. The last thing we need is to keep a shitload of candy in the house considering that neither of us should be eating it. What to do?

Inflict it on my office-mates, natch! This is what the coffee station at work looks like this morning:

Tremble at the sight of Candy Mountain!

Tremble at the sight of Candy Mountain!

I’m a little worried I may be responsible for multiple diabetic comas today so if you see me on the evening news, well, this would be why.

2 thoughts on “It’s an office disaster waiting to happen.

  1. To borrow from Jill Connor Brown of the Sweet potato queens, “You don’t eat like this every day or it’ll kill you and you’ll die with a big ass.”.

  2. We managed to give away all the candy in the house and ended up distributing apples and pears. One of the kids said that it’s probably better for them to eat fruit.

    cheers from sometimes pretty rational Vienna, Scott

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