Happy Halloween 2015!

Boo!I’ve not posted in quite awhile so I thought I’d take a moment to drop a Happy Halloween on everyone. Here’s hoping you have a fun and safe spooky holiday.

I started the day watching The Lazarus Effect and laughing at how stupid it was. Tonight we’ll find out if we get any kids trick or treating at our new apartment. Most of the apartments I’ve lived in didn’t see much in the way of kids to hand out candy to, but we’ve got quite a few in the area so I’m optimistic we might see a decent number tonight. At least I hope so, because the last thing a diabetic needs is a lot of left-over Halloween candy.

Not sure when to expect kids as it doesn’t appear Canton sets specific hours, but I’m anticipating they’ll probably start around 6PM and last at least a couple of hours.

5 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2015!

  1. Alas, it appears that will not be the case. Almost three hours in and not a single kid has dropped by. I carved a pumpkin, hung out a Happy Halloween sign, and bought the really good candy. Even in Ann Arbor we saw at least a few kids. It’s not even raining that hard!

  2. Too many parents bought into the main stream media’s scare stories and the children are missing out.

  3. I’m in Portland OR, all we got was a months worth of rain, it’s been mostly dry since last May and we get 2 inches of rain on Halloween, disapointed for all the kids around here……………I have 3 bags of candy to eat!

  4. I’ll be hauling a majority of what we have left into the office today so my coworkers can snack on it. Knowing them, it’ll be gone by lunch time. We’re keeping a very small amount as a treat, but we know better than to keep all of it because we would eat it.

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