An ode to homophobic Kentucky country clerk Kim Davis.

Sandy and Richard Riccardi were so inspired by the plight of recently incarcerated for her religious beliefs contempt of court county clerk Kim Davis that they just had to sit down and write a song in her honor:

*sniff!* That brought a tear to my eye.

8 thoughts on “An ode to homophobic Kentucky country clerk Kim Davis.

  1. She is no homophobic, she doesn’t support their sexual preferences.

    Unlike you, I support HER religious freedom to be a nutball. There are many more clerks in the area, homosexuals are just trolling her because she voiced her opinion and they are punishing her for it.

  2. The song is priceless! OMG, it’s totally on point and couldn’t be more perfect, not to mention the catchy tune accompanying those perfect lyrics!

    As for @Moloch, sadly, you’re the troll, here. Watch the video, again. This time, read the lyrics. Kim Davis is not being forced to remain in the job of County Clerk. If she doesn’t want responsibility for required work of that office, then she should quit. MOREOVER: Her orders to the assistance clerks, refusing to allow them to act on their consciences, to follow their religious beliefs, to issue marriage licenses to gay couples, means her stance isn’t truly religious. It’s SELF-serving, SELF-righteous, and SELF-ishly SELF-centered. It’s also treasonous/seditious behavior for her to use her government office for SELF-ish, illegal activity. If you want to stand by her, you two and the rest of you are free to do your standing on NON-governmental property where you have no control over others’ legal civil rights.

  3. ms Davis should, to steal from the believers, “Let go and let god”, if there is a supernatural entity that wants to hold a judgement day, it’ll be taken care of then, not really our problem now.

  4. Saw a video of an Amish woman working at the DMV refusing to grant driving licenses because it went against her religion…. I bet the Kim Davis’ of the world won’t see the similarities…

  5. A guy gets to the checkout clerk at the grocery. She says ” This is the Catholic line. I can’t sell you those condoms. You can take them to the muslim in aisle eight, but he won’t sell you the ham”

  6. I kind of follow this blog. I consider myself a student of Torah and Talmudic teachings. Here is the deal. These guidelines were made made when polygamy was the norm in ancient societies. It is near impossible to understand the text without understanding the language in which it was written.
    Leviticus 18.22 וְאֶת זָכָר לֹא תִשְׁכַּב מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה תּוֹעֵבָה הִוא: – You shall not lie down with a male, as with a woman: this is an abomination. The English kind of sort of dances around the Hebrew. But it is an English language attempt to word a thought that never comes out with complete clarity.
    It warns that man should not lay with man as he lays with a woman. In keeping that polygamy was normal. It was common for 1 man, and 2 or more women to be involved in sexual activity all simultaneously. The verse is warning that the seed of 2 men with 1 woman would be wasted. The commandment is not speaking individually to two people of the same sex. Another biblical exception would be where the women are sisters. It’s condemned because the women could very well be having sexual relations with each other whilst also including the man. It’s incestuous, and is never condoned within most societies. But as far as 2 men, or 2 women the verse is not addressing the issue. What this woman is doing in Kentucky is passing along a false teaching. I see this a lot, and mostly just keep quiet. But the same thing happens with other biblical commandments. I’ll mention one example of misdirected interpretation. The great commandment that warns against taking the lords name in vain. Many think that saying ” God-Dammit ” is an example. This is simply not true. You may want God to damn something. What the passage is indicating is the violation of teaching false doctrine, and saying it is sanctioned by God. Telling a child it is OK to steal. Selling your wife-daughter-son into prostitution. It’s common sense. If one were to look at God as being ( Standards, morals, ethics, and values ) Even though that person has a secular nature about life. They would still find those things as a higher power of thought. I only mention this second part because I believe that is what this woman in Kentucky is doing. She is taking the lords name in vain out of ignorance, because she has no biblical intellectual perception of what she is saying. She is merely parroting the false teachings she was told. What she is omitting is what the biblical law says about government setting laws within the nation. We are commanded to obey those laws. She just picks and chooses agendas. I don’t want to slander her because we are cautioned to avoid it. It too is something she appears to embrace. See the word Lashon Hara. It by far is more paramount, and omitted when some Christians attempt to interpret biblical laws.

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