My dad passed away one year ago yesterday.

I was going to write something about this yesterday, but I couldn’t think of anything to say. I’m still not sure what I’ll say about it today. It took me a couple of days before I managed to write an entry about his death when it happened last year. I miss him and I think about him pretty often, but that’s probably not a surprise to anyone.

Reflecting back on it now it occurs to me that I’m entering that stage of life where losing people close to me is going to happen more frequently. My father-in-law passed two years ago — it doesn’t seem like it’s been that long — all of my uncles on my mother’s side have been gone for years, my grandparents have been gone for over a decade, good friends of mine have left the world sooner than they should have, and now it’s been a year since my dad died. Some of those deaths were unexpected, but the last couple haven’t been.

I’m not sure how to feel about that. My reactions are mixed between the emotional and selfish side that wants to hold onto loved ones for as long as possible and the logical, rational side that says this is a part of life that shouldn’t come as a surprise. I guess the best that I can do is to appreciate the good times we had and that I continue to have with those still here. If your dad is still around today give him a hug for me. I bet he’ll appreciate it.


2 thoughts on “My dad passed away one year ago yesterday.

  1. My condolences Les.
    People in my life, those closest to me, are dying at a faster fate than before.
    The sky is falling and hurting me so bad more often than it did.
    I will hug my father for you. His health, getting worse and worse for years has recently improved and seeing him up on his feet and moving around again is a beautiful wonder, but the big wheel keeps turning, the clock keeps ticking.
    Like you suggest, I have taken more to remembering with a smile times that should be framed in memory, my memories of who these people were to me and still are, even after they have passed.

    All the best,

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