My brother-in-law is in a movie.

Aral on the red carpet at the premiere!

Aral on the red carpet at the premiere!

I married into a wonderful family that included at least one aspiring actor in the form of Aral Basil Gribble II. For years I teased him about how I was listed in the Internet Movie Database and he wasn’t. I can’t tease him about that anymore as not only is he listed (and has been for years), but he’s in a real movie with other known actors. The movie is called Dial-A-Prayer and stars Brittany Snow and William H. Macy. It’s a small independent film that was shot here in Michigan and it may just be the break Aral’s been working so hard for.

Here’s a small clip that he’s in rather prominently.

This sort of movie isn’t my normal fare as there aren’t enough explosions and car chases, but I’m happy to read from some of the initial reviews that it isn’t your typical cheesy “faith based” movie either. Reviewer Roger Moore says of it:

“Dial a Prayer” doesn’t tread the straight and narrow and reaches few predictable conclusions about Cora’s journey. But Kiley has created a pretty engrossing and somewhat moving story of a selfish, self-destructive drunk who finds, if not faith, at least the willingness to look outside of herself to try and help others and the chance to actually join the human race.

Being an indie, it’ll see limited theatrical release, but it is available on iTunes as of tomorrow. Alas, I don’t use iTunes, but I’m sure it’ll show up on one of the services I do use soon at which point I’ll be checking it out. If it shows up at a local theater I’ll have to go see it there just for the weird experience of seeing my brother-in-law on the literal big screen.

At last, my plans of achieving fame and fortune by riding on the coattails of a more successful family member are close to being achieved!

3 thoughts on “My brother-in-law is in a movie.

  1. That was a small clip , only played for 1.3secs , is that correct ? not even long enough to pause. But all the luck in the world to your brother in law. Not exactly your kind of film though Les.

  2. Dave, the clip should’ve been longer than that. Perhaps Hulu (where it’s being hosted) had a hiccup. Also, yeah, not my normal fare, but from what I’ve read it’s not really a religious movie either. The handful of reviews so far say it’s not all that preachy. It’s more romantic comedy than religion-is-great sort of film.

    That said, it could be preachy as shit and I’d watch it just to see my brother-in-law in a movie just for the novelty of seeing him in it. Admittedly I’d probably fast forward through the bits he’s not in, but I’d still give it a shot.

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