This is my ever eternal struggle illustrated…


Tacos are just too damned tasty and when I eat them, I eat far too many of them. Still, I strive to do better.

Managed to have a small streak of blogging going and then ran out of steam so here’s what I’ve been up to instead of blogging: Apartment hunting. Which is just a shitload of not fun.

Our lease is up at the end of May and we’re anticipating that they’ll raise our rent by another $100 which we just can’t afford. Our rent has gone up by almost $300 in three years and I’m almost paying as much for our two-bedroom town home as I did for the three bedroom we initially moved into. So we’re looking around to see what’s available out there. Right now it’s looking like we will have to leave Ann Arbor as all of the more affordable apartments are either in bad neighborhoods or at places that are in need of some serious renovations.

We’ve found a promising complex in Whitmore Lake that’ll give us two bedrooms and two bathrooms and a washer/dryer in the unit (stacked, but better than nothing). Pros are it’s a newer complex (about 10 years old), cuts my commute time in half, will allow us to keep our 2 cats, and is about $200 cheaper from where we are now (and probably even more assuming our rent is going up). Cons are it’s in Whitmore Lake which is a much more Conservative community than Ann Arbor is. And we have to pack up all our crap and haul it to the new location which doesn’t have a basement like our town home does.

Looking back, we probably should have followed through on our plans to buy a house last spring seeing as the alternative plan of using the money to try and get healthy has had very (very, very) modest success so far. That said, any of the places we were looking at would’ve been as difficult to afford on just my income as the place we’re renting now so I would’ve just been trading one financial difficulty for another.

Still, we trek on through this thing called life doing the best we know how.

5 thoughts on “This is my ever eternal struggle illustrated…

  1. With two bedrooms you could load one up with “crap as you call it’. Also if the rent is $200. cheaper you might be able to rent a storage place. Plus you saif it would cut your commute in half so that is more savings.

  2. I agree, too. Avoid the storage shed, use the second bedroom, and gradually figure out what you really need and how to store it forever vs. what seemed attractive at the time but never got the use it was meant to get.

    As for losing weight, and since you are so fond of tacos, try adding beans (legumes, not French cut green beans) to your daily diet. Even just a little bit seems to inform the body that excess reserves are no longer needed.

    Stress adds to those excess reserves, too, of course. Keep an eye out for other freethinkers/atheists/etc., lurking in the “privileged” shadows of Conservativeville, USA. You have just as much right to be there as anyone, and you deserve the financial breaks as much as believers, so go for it. Perhaps, in time, right will make might. Just need enough non-conservatives to reach a tipping point. You might even be the spearhead toward that tipping point.

    Good luck, however things turn out.

  3. Dealing with your health is never a thing to trivialize, and even when the results are modest, question only the actions, not the motivation.

    Reducing stress seems like a good thing to do to deal with your health. Adequate space, pets, and a shorter commute are all very good for reducing stress.

    As for it being a much more conservative community … that’s more frustrating in the abstract than in the day-to-day concrete. I live in a neck of the woods that had Tom Tancredo as its US Representative (and currently has Mike Coffman, who is not that much of an improvement). But that doesn’t impinge on our live all that often, and we often run into folk who are fellow political minorities.

    The effort to move is non-trivial, I know. But looking on it as improving your situation (and the money saving in rent) are goals that you can use to motivate you.

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