I still don’t get poetry.

I’ll be 48 this year and I still don’t understand any poem more complex than the ones about that fellow from Nantucket.

That’s all I wanted to say.

3 thoughts on “I still don’t get poetry.

  1. Wouldn’t that sort of fall into a similar category as the science illiterates?

    Turning 65 this summer – still remember these from grade 10-11 English.
    Back when English was – and teachers were respected & sometimes feared.

    The Song Of Hiawatha
    Rime of the Ancient Mariner
    How Horatius Kept the bridge

  2. John, I suppose you could consider it similar, but I’m not sure there’s quite as much potential problems from not understanding poetry as there is from not understanding science.

    I’ve known a lot of folks who voted against their own self-interest due to a lack of understanding of science. Can you say the same about someone who didn’t understand poetry?

  3. Re-submitting with valid email address, in light of SEB’s nonsensical and laughable “coward” remark on the “about” page.

    How is not understanding poetry as bad as not understanding science?

    On one hand, let’s see… Science has given us, well, the computer and network we’re communicating with right now. The doctor you saw not long ago, and any prescriptions s/he wrote for you. Many of us would not even exist without science. Antibiotics, immunizations…

    Then you have poetry. Pretentious crap that some people pretend to “get” because they’re afraid of looking dumb. Quick–think of a song. Swing on over to a music lyrics site like SongMeanings.net and look that song up. You’ll probably find several opposing interpretations of that “poetry”.

    Each interpretation is supposedly “correct”, defensible, and okey-dokey. This is what you call important and meaningful? As important as science? If it’s so bloody important, why is it not only possible but “advisable” for there to be so many interpretations for any particular piece of poetry? If it has no fixed meaning, it has no real meaning at all.

    It doesn’t matter how you interpret a poem. Poems may give weak-minded people happy thoughts, but only because they need some impetus to kick-start their grey matter. It doesn’t matter if the impetus is a poem or a steaming pile of dog shit.

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