A small video primer on why vaccines work.

Joe Hanson over at the It’s OK To Be Smart YouTube channel has a great video on vaccines and why it’s important to get them for yourself and your kids:

The rise of the anti-vaxers has resulted in the resurgence of diseases we had all but eradicated and a lot of people are going to suffer needlessly and die because of it if the trend continues.

Right now it’s measles and whooping cough which are bad enough, but there’s a very real danger that polio could make a return. We had it on the ropes world-wide until last year when it appeared to be on the rise in several countries. With today’s ease of travel that could make an American outbreak just a plane ride away.

2 thoughts on “A small video primer on why vaccines work.

  1. I am pushing 80 years old and as a child and an adult have had many vaccinations. I have not suffered with any mental disorders, crippling conditions or a lasting illness. In my lifetime most people were treated the same way as me. Please reconsider your decision to not protect you children. Don’t put them and others who may come in contact with them at risk. We have come so far in eradicating these diseases don’t let a few naysayers scare you into submission.

  2. Unfortunately he left out Jenny McCarthy and her BS and the ghost writer who wrote all her BS books!
    I remember her antivaccine campaign bs!

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