Jasper doesn’t appreciate your sniffles.

Our emergency backup cat, Jasper, gets really upset whenever someone sneezes in his presence. Normally he’s not very vocal, but he’ll bitch up a storm if you sneeze and he’ll grumble if you sniffle. I’ve been trying to catch this on video for some time now and I’ve finally got a little footage of it, though he’s much more subdued than usual in this clip.

He’s hard to hear in this, but you can see he’s vocalizing and getting annoyed with my sniffles. At the end he’s figured out that I’m faking my sneezes to get him to react.

There have been occasions where I’ve been in the basement and sneezed and he’s run down the stairs from the main floor just to bitch at me about sneezing. He also tends to get upset when I get frustrated with a video game and let a cuss word fly. It’s hard to catch it on video because by the time I realize I’m about to sneeze I’ve already done so and the moment has passed. I’ll try to get a better clip in the future.

2 thoughts on “Jasper doesn’t appreciate your sniffles.

  1. That is really cute. We sometimes forget that our animals do react to the things we do but I find delight when mine give me ‘down the road’ because I annoy them.

  2. I think Jasper is responding to the sound of a sniffle because it is very similar to the hiss a cat makes when it is being confronted by an act of aggression. The hiss is supposedly meant to mimic that of a snake.

    When I played this video, my cat woke right up and her tail puffed up.

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