Hey! Who moved all my crap?

Hey look! It’s my annual clean-the-work-desk-off day. Once a year around about this time I clean up my desks and you can tell that they are, in fact, desks. I’ve had no end of comments from coworkers passing by of the “Hey! You really DO have a desk under there!” variety.

This year’s motivation is the pending arrival of auditors from China next week. I’m not expecting to interact with them directly, but there was some desire expressed to have a more “professional” looking work environment in place. The truth is there was plenty of stuff I’d been meaning to get to sorting through to figure out what needed to be recycled and what needed to be put into the storage room and this was a good excuse to take the time to do it. I also went through all the boxes on top of my cubicle to see what they had in them and they were all empty save for one that held all the old wireless access points we replaced awhile back.

I should be able to keep things relatively clutter free through the holidays (the fact that I’m taking my usual 3 week vacation in December will help) and then in January I’ll get started on junking them back up again so I can clean them off again next November.

3 thoughts on “Hey! Who moved all my crap?

  1. Hey that before picture didn’t look too cluttered. In fact I would call it pretty organized. I remember the old computer room on Westlyn–now that was cluttered.

  2. Sorry Mom, but neither one of those are before pictures. I have two desks, one on either side of the cubicle I sit in. That first picture is of the desk I face most of the time where my laptop resides. The second picture is my desk that has the overhead storage bins that is commonly filled with tons of crap that gets tossed there and then forgotten.

    I didn’t think to take any before pics. 😉

  3. I haven’t seen my desk in three years. I would be afraid to move anything away from it.

    My desk area and desktop kinda resembles something out of Hoarders. But I do know where every last scrap of paper is…

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