So I turned 47 on Monday…

awkward-moment-breathing-stairs… and I had every intention of blogging about it then, but I didn’t ever actually get around to it. That seems to happen a lot lately. Not that I have anything profound to say about turning 47 other than it’s weird being so close to 50. Forty wasn’t that big a deal for me, but fifty is freaking me out a little bit. Probably because I’ll be due for my first prostrate exam which I’m not looking forward to. For years I hoped they’d have developed an alternative to the traditional method by the time I reached that age, but three years out and no proper alternative is in sight. I’m also a little disturbed by how much my doctor is looking forward to that day.

I got some nice gifts for my birthday. My wife, ever enabling of my video game habits, bought me a Corsair Vengeance K70 mechanical gaming keyboard, a copy of The Last of Us Remastered for the PS4, and another volume of Red Dwarf on DVD (I’m slowly, but surely finishing that collection). Dave Hill of ***Dave Does the Blog sent me the Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy on Blu-ray and I’ve got a few gifts from my in-laws that I’ll receive when I see them this coming weekend.

I’m still struggling with getting into the habit of walking. I’ve not managed to do a full week in some time now and it’s been over a week since I last got out and do it. I intend to do so tomorrow, but then I intended to blog on my birthday so we’ll see how it goes. My weight is fluctuating around the 290 to 293 range right now, but my physical last month was an improvement over the previous one. Being this close to fifty I feel like I should really have my shit together by now, but I’m just as disorganized as ever.

One annoying new development I’ve been experiencing is biting the inside of my own mouth. This is something that I almost never did in my youth, but now hardly a week goes by that I don’t manage to draw blood from the inside of my cheek or the area just under my nose while eating a meal. Just this evening I managed to bite the inside of my own mouth four fucking times. What the hell is up with that? Is this an age thing that no one ever talks about? It like I’ve forgotten how to chew properly. It’s damned annoying.

So, 47. Not sure I feel about it yet. I’ll keep you updated.

8 thoughts on “So I turned 47 on Monday…

  1. Hmmm..
    My doctor started the prostate exams when I was forty. Makes me wonder about him a little bit now LOL. To his credit he only did it every five years until I turned fifty, now it’s every year. Don’t be surprised if your doctor also wants you to have a colonoscopy when you turn fifty. The preparation for that is the worst part though, the procedure itself is no big deal. Kind of like a nice mid-day nap.

  2. 47 also brings happy times—Health isn’t perfect but you are upright, on top the grass not under it, and you have accomplished some amazing skills that help many others in life. Another words rejoice my son.

  3. Like mammography, different docs and practices have different recommendations for how early to start and how frequently to do prostate exams. If there’s a family history of problems there, that might also encourage more early, more often checks. Which, all things considered, isn’t a _bad_ thing.

  4. Congrats. I’m just about a month from doing the 48 thing and, from experience, I can say that 47 wasn’t a big deal, any more than I suspect 48 will be.

  5. Hi, Les!

    You’re a pussy! 😉 I was 35 years old when my father passed away from brain cancer. I wanted to have a consultation with his doctor…just to make sure that brain cancer might be a genetic trait. So, I walked into that office with my head held high…thinking it would be a cake-walk.

    Next thing I know, I’m getting “the finger!” I protested fairly loudly. How does my father’s brain cancer translate into me getting a finger up the ass?!?!?

    As it turns out, the type of cancer my father had is not genetic, and I don’t have to worry about inheriting it. HOWEVER, dad DID have prostate cancer several years earlier, and this IS more of a concern. So, I bent over, took “the finger” and was the first of all my school-chum male friends to loose his cherry in this manner. They teased me for a long while about this…but then each of them hit 40 years of age (or so) and went through the same procedure. In reality, it’s not a big deal. Just make sure that your doctor doesn’t have the hands of Andre the Giant. You’ll be fine.

    In fact, looking back on it, it’s kind of enjoyable. In fact, now I pay a Korean “massage therapist” about the same amount of money as I paid my doctor to do pretty much the same thing…

    …It’s just that the Koreans take their time…

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