It’s always annoying when…

I’m sitting here and I can’t help but notice that there’s a spot on one of the lenses of my reading glasses. So I take them off and polish it up using the satin cloth that came with the glasses and put them back on, but that damned spot is still there. I take them off again and try breathing on the lense to fog it up a bit and take the cloth to it again. Yet the damned spot persists. Third time’s the charm, right? Especially when I take them off and go over to the eyeglass cleaning thingy the company has thoughtfully provided nearby and use the liquid cleaner and the lint free paper wipes to give both lenses a good rubbing. I go back to my desk and put them back on and — what the fuck? — the spot is still there!

That’s when I realize I’m seeing a reflection of part of my own eye thanks to the overhead fluorescent light fixture above and directly behind my head. Fuuuuuuuccckkkkkkk…

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2 thoughts on “It’s always annoying when…

  1. Have to cut yourself some slack, there – way too early for brilliant deductions, man!

    I’m no strange to optical weirdness. Some kid threw a rock at my eye when I was ten, and there was a circle “floating” around in my view for years. The cool part was that when it ended up hovering right in front of my pupil, it was like having telescope vision (though through a very blurry fisheye, like a smudged door peephole); the uncool part was that I had no way of controlling it, as it floated about arbitrarily. It eventually went away completely during my late teens or early twenties, but until then it was always hovering on the periphery of my vision.

    Luckily, I didn’t wear glasses long (or often) before getting laser surgery, so I was never fooled into thinking it could be cleaned off.

    Tom, on the other hand, once started to tug part of his eye out before realizing that he wasn’t wearing his contact lenses…(shudder). Un Chien Andalou‘s got nothing on him.

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