Rep. Louie Gohmert proves the existence of God.

Well, we had a good run my fellow atheists, but there comes a point when you have to admit you’ve been beaten and that moment is now. You see, Republican Louie Gohmert has come up with the ultimate proof of the existence of God. What fools we’ve been!

Check it:

OK, so technically this isn’t really Louie’s argument, but something he heard from some dude named Bob Murphy out of Texas. In case you didn’t watch the video clip — you should, it’s short and stunning in its stupidity logic — here’s what old Bob had to say:

“Ya know, I feel so sorry for atheists. I do. You know, think about it. No matter how smart they think they are, an atheist has to admit that he believes the equation ‘nobody plus nothing equals everything.’ How embarrassing for an intellectual to have to say, ‘Ya, I believe that. Nobody plus nothing equals everything.’

“Well, you couldn’t get everything unless there was something that was the creator of everything, and that’s the Lord we know”

headdeskI think neither Mr. Murphy nor Rep. Gohmert have talked to very many atheists. Perhaps there’s a few out there who might make such a statement, but I can’t think of any off top of my head. It’s certainly not what I believe because it shows a fundamental lack of understanding of some of the better known theories on how the Universe came to be.

How many times does it have to be said that the Big Bang theory does not say there was nothing prior to the big bang? Everything that is in the universe now was there at the beginning all scrunched up into a very tiny point called a singularity. There is no need to assume that everything came from nothing because, according to the theory, there wasn’t nothing. We still don’t know everything there is to know about the start of the universe because the closer you get to the moment of expansion the more general relativity and quantum mechanics start to fall apart in their ability to describe what things were like, but the theory overall has a lot of evidence backing it up such that accepting the idea of everything has always been there all smooshed up until it exploded into the universe we see today isn’t any more far-fetched than accepting the idea some all-powerful being willed it into existence.

If you’re going to insist on the idea that there was “nothing” prior to the universe then we can turn to theoretical physicist and cosmologist Lawrence Krauss who has argued that it’s quite possible to get something from nothing and wrote a whole book about it called A Universe From Nothing. In it he explains exactly how such a thing is not only possible, but probably inevitable. I’ve written about Krauss and his lecture about this several times in the past and if you want to watch a video of his lecture you’ll find it in this previous entry.

There’s also the option to just admit that we don’t know how the universe came to be and that the evidence it was willed into being by a creator is unconvincing. Just because we don’t know the answer to the question that isn’t a good reason to presume that God(s) had a hand in it.

But the thing I really want to point out about Rep. Gohmert’s little anecdote is how shallow the thinking he’s using is. Some blowhard puts forth a strawman argument that doesn’t actually represent anything I’ve ever heard any atheist say and Gohmert acts like it’s wisdom carved on stone tablets from on high. It doesn’t make an argument in support of the idea of a creator God, it just tries to paint atheists as illogical hypocrites. It ignores all of the other possible explanations for the existence of the universe for a cheap shot at a despised group of people. Of course, he’s preaching to the choir who don’t need any convincing that a God popped everything into existence because reasons we’re too puny to comprehend. Ha ha! Those dumb atheists think they’re so smart when really they’re super stoopid! Ha ha!

Guess how convinced I am by that argument.

22 thoughts on “Rep. Louie Gohmert proves the existence of God.

  1. My mother is a SoBap, as was my sister. My sister died at the age of eighteen, and my mother is in an assisted-living home because her mind (her memory, really) has gone south. Two people that worshiped a “god” that ultimately screwed them both. I can not believe such a being COULD exist, much less DOES exist.

  2. The elegant response to this drivel is “Fine where did God get the material to make the universe, and for that matter, where did God come from?”

    Otherwise, it’s “Your arbitrary, unprovable starting point can’t be valid, because my arbitrary unprovable starting point would occur earlier in the sequence.”

  3. Fuck Lawrence Krauss. He is just a celebrity face that really isn’t a very good scientist. Basically he is this generations Bill Nye The Science Guy.

  4. I do not care if people believe in the existene of a “god” I know that such a thing is impossible. “God” did not create Man – it is the other way around.

  5. The same “proof” people tout for the existence of “god”. “God” is something that you either believe in blindly, with no way to prove its existence, or you use your brain and come to the obvious conclusion – that there can be no such thing. “God” was invented by the ruling classes in order to keep the common people under control.

  6. “God” was invented by the ruling classes in order to keep the common people under control.


  7. Its not difficult for most of us to figure out. God made it all, who else??????????????? When I see a painting I don’t say that there was no painter. When I see a clock I don’t assume there was no maker. When I look at a house I don’t say there was no builder. When I hear a song I don’t say it had no writer. How much more then when I look at creation do I marvel at His awesome handiwork! PTL Receive Christ as Savior and Lord, follow Him as He leads you, turn away from the nonsense, and you will know God’s peace and promise of eternal life. God Bless

  8. Thank you Mark, for giving us a fresh, new argument that we’ve never, ever, ever heard before. Like, ever.

  9. Julian, yw. Some people are always looking for something new. Others are looking for the truth. The truth doesn’t need to be reinvented. It stands through all time as truth. It is lies that have to be corrected and adjusted continually. I know atheists are always revising their beliefs and so they think their is some virtue in it. Better to hear the truth and receive it rather than to reject it and continue a search that leads to nowhere.

  10. “The truth doesn’t need to be reinvented. It stands through all time as truth.”

    I guess we could go through the bible page by page and you won’t find a single thing to disagree with. If god felt adulterous women should be stoned to death 3000 years ago, you can be sure he feels the same thing today.

  11. “Better to hear the truth and receive it rather than to reject it and continue a search that leads to nowhere.”

    This statement is based on the false premise that everyone is searching for something. I know that I am not searching for anything, real or otherwise.

  12. Wow Mark. You’re even stupider than I thought. And I thought that you were really, really, really fucking stupid.

  13. linusbern, the way in which God deals with mankind and Israel in different dispensations is His business. You may have heard of the Old and New Covenants? Both the Old and the New point us to Jesus who fulfilled the Old and established the New. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father, except through Him….John 14:6 Jesus Christ is the same, yesterday, today, and forever. God doesn’t change, man does. Some receive Christ when they hear the gospel, others reject Him. It is our response to God’s saving grace through the atonement of Jesus Christ the matter for which we will all be held accountable.

  14. So if I understand you correctly,
    The truth doesn’t need to be reinvented. It stands through all time as truth, except when it is reinvented because god wants it to be reinvented.

    Interesting perspective. My view is that God made Atheists because he was tired of people believing superstitious nonsense about him making the whole universe.

  15. ” I know atheists are always revising their beliefs and so they think their is some virtue in it.”

    Another false blanket statement. Atheists are generally secure in our beliefs – we have no need to “revise” them.

  16. linusbern. the way in which God deals with sin and mankind may change and as I said, that is His business. But you are on track with one thing. He makes the rules. He is the ultimate Judge. It is to Him that we will all one day give an account. He didn’t make atheists. We are made in His image. atheists are made in the image of man. Godless man. Rebellious man!!

  17. Matt, man made “science”, which is the religion of atheists, is always changing. It is always being revised. It always will be changing. My feet are firmly planted on the Rock, that is Jesus Christ the firm and unmoving foundation!

  18. My priests always said God made everything in the universe, but now I find out he made everything except atheists. Mind blown.

    Science isn’t religion. To equate them is to misunderstand both.

    It is true that science is always being revised, it is revised because new, concrete evidence arises which replaces older, unproven assumptions. Your pride at never revising your beliefs regardless of hard evidence would be considered a form of mental illness in most situations.

    By the way, religion is constantly being revised. Find out what 17th century English puritans thought about churches and Christmas. Unless you are Amish, there is a pretty good chance your church’s beliefs have changed in the last four hundred years, and I don’t believe god has published any revisions to the bible in that time.

  19. Linusbern, you seem sincere to me, and that’s always a good thing. God made man in His image, according to His likeness. Atheism is a rejection of God and the image of God and the Word of God and the Son of God and the Spirit of God. This God did NOT do! You are following the teachings of men who are in rebellion towards God. How each believer celebrates a Holy day, or does NOT celebrate a Holy day is an act of faith between that believer and God. This is clearly taught in Romans. The beliefs of atheism are contained in the false teachings of “science” that have nothing to do with science and everything to do with speculations of mostly godless men. Keep seeking and you will find. If you open yourself up to the truth , and receive Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you will know the truth, and the truth will indeed set you free. God Bless

  20. “The beliefs of atheism are contained in the false teachings of “science”…” Another blatant falsehood. I have to wonder if the religio-nuts really believe the crap they spout or are simply well-trained liars. One thing they do NOT have is a speck of common sense. They have been brainwashed into insensibility for their entire lives. It is really no wonder that the religio-nuts can not think for themselves – that ability has been methodically stripped from them, starting in childhood. Religions wrote the book on brainwashing. They have been perfecting their techniques since man first developed intelligence.

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