Sometimes a little role reversal can be enlightening.

Comedian Daniel-Ryan Spaulding has put together a little video titled “If Gay Guys Said the Shit Straight People Say…” that does an excellent job of putting the shoe on the other foot.

The sad part is, I’ve heard actual people say these actual things to actual gay people. I’ve also had some of them said to me online when I’ve called people out for using bigoted language in voice chat. In particular the line about “I don’t mean gay as in homophobic, but as in stupid” line.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes a little role reversal can be enlightening.

  1. That was great, except for the part where he is obviously reading cue cards the whole time.. Seriously, where those lines too hard to memorize?

  2. To be “homophobic” means somebody is AFRAID of fags.
    People who dislike/hate homosexuals are DISGUSTED by them, not afraid of them.

    When I see a gay couple coming down the sidewalk, I feel sick.
    When I see a black thug coming down the sidewalk, I cross the street.

    BIG difference between hate and fear.

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