The English language really is kinda fucked up.

An illustrated guide:


3 thoughts on “The English language really is kinda fucked up.

  1. English? No. If mexicans can learn it “on the job”, its not hard.
    Try Japanese.
    I know people that have been learning it for several years and are barely able to sustain an impromptu conversation. I have been learning for 3 months and I’m barely half way through learning the hiragana syllabary (I have yet to start on any of the 2136 kanji).
    At least with Latin alphabet languages you can sound out a word you don’t know. If you haven’t learned how all the Kanji are read, you can speak the language perfectly and still be completely illiterate.

  2. Born in the US.
    Yes, our language is fucked up!
    Catch, caught, etc.

    At my age even I forget spelling and I was good at it when younger.
    Now I’m looking up the spelling.

    Have to wonder how people learn it?

    Japanese, its called a sleeping dictionary.
    Think about it.

    I worked in Japan, had two lady friends there, do I speak it?
    No, plus it was way back in 89.

    And you can almost forget writing and reading it!
    Worse than learning Morse Code!

  3. Oh moloch. You see, although we do have a Latin alphabet with a given set of sounds does not mean we abide by it. While some languages languages are phonetic, English is not. This means that a word can be said differently than it looks/appears. Also, I take your comment about Mexicans learning “on the job” beacause I speak Spanish as a second language. I know many Mexica, ,living in California, so I do understand most of the struggles. I especially understand that it’s often impossible for them to learn the entire language while laboring. I agree with you in the sense that English speakers do not need to learn a writing system over one hundreds characters; however, this gives you no right to negate the entirety of our language on a video meant to talk about said language.

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