And now here is today’s “feeling old” moment.

I’ve already shared this one on Google+ so if you’ve already seen it there I apologize for the repetition, but I know my mother would get a kick out of this so I’m sharing it here too.

I’m old enough now that snot nosed kids can make me feel old pretty easily. Especially when it comes to stuff I grew up with. Stuff like dealing with a rotary phone:

Even though touch tone phones were introduced well before I was born, it took awhile before they were ubiquitous. Growing up we mostly had touch tone phones in the house, but we had a couple of the old rotary ones around too. I don’t recall when I learned how to use one though I’m sure I had to be taught. These days I don’t even have a landline anymore. It’s just an added expense that doesn’t make much sense when I carry my cellphone with me everywhere. That doesn’t stop this video from making me feel really old.

3 thoughts on “And now here is today’s “feeling old” moment.

  1. I really enjoyed that. The looks on those children’s faces was too precious for words.

  2. You’re not old unless you can remember home phones with no dial at all. As a kid in the “modern” San Fernando Valley of California, we just picked up the receiver and an operator came on line and asked “Number, please?” to which we responded with the 5-digit number we wanted to call. No prefix names, no Area Codes. If you wanted to call someone out of your area, you had to ask for the Long Distance Operator. A call from LA to New York would cost on the order of $20 for three minutes.

  3. I fall a little bit further along timeline than Paul – we had a “party line” , which meant sharing phone lines, and being able to listen in on neighbor’s phone calls. Our phone number beginning with NA (National) 5…

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