Let’s check in on the 2013 Christmas Light Shows.

We’re just a few days away from Christmas and I realized I hadn’t done a post on this year’s crop of over-the-top Christmas light music shows.

Here’s a damned impressive one out of El Paso featuring a melody of songs, most of them holiday related, synced to 300,000 lights spread over at least a couple of homes:

This one out of Wall Township, NJ makes up for a smaller number of lights by including GOUTS OF FLAME!!!

Here’s one featuring a crapload of lights spread over a small mansion featuring a techno version of Carol of the Bells:

Of course, the hot stuff these days is full 3D projections on the sides of buildings:

And to wrap things up here’s a light show from the Johnson Family out of Texas who decided to go a little dubstep this year:

Of course there are tons more of these videos on YouTube if you haven’t had enough yet.

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