YouTube arguments as read by two old guys.

I make of point of not reading the comments left on YouTube videos because they have a tendency to damage your IQ if you read too many of them. To say that the majority of comments left on any particular YouTube video are less than helpful is an overstatement of stunning proportions. You’d probably learn more by hitting yourself repeatedly in the head with a ballpeen hammer than you would by reading the comments left on the average YouTube video.

That said, when you take an example of said comments — say an argument between two One Direction fans — and reconstruct it using two old guys, the results are surprisingly entertaining while also reinforcing just how useless such comments are.

Note: There is some NSFW language in this clip.

I suppose if YouTube comments can’t rise above the level of drooling psychophants, at least they can be entertaining when handled properly by professionals.

4 thoughts on “YouTube arguments as read by two old guys.

  1. That’s brilliant, les, thanks. I agree with your assessment of youtube comments, at least based on my experience at Christian and conspiracy-theorist sites- but my perhaps overly optimistic view is that most such commentors are not yet fourteen and/or would have trouble finding their way to a voting booth.

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