Ring in the holidays with this viral ad from Kmart.

Here’s one you’ll probably never see on TV, but it was amusing enough that it got me to share it on my blog:

Apparently this has generated some controversy with folks who lack a sense of humor, but the overall reaction has been pretty positive. Still not enough to get me to shop at Kmart anytime soon, but it was damned amusing.

4 thoughts on “Ring in the holidays with this viral ad from Kmart.

  1. I’m impossible to offend, but the ad is a bit childish.

    The kmart nearest me is actually quite clean and nice inside, and their snack aisle is epic.

  2. Oh, Les, you have finally managed to disappoint me. Not because you like an ad that I didn’t. But because you jumped to the same viewpoint that is usually taken by the extremists: ‘if I found it funny and you didn’t, then you lack a sense of humour’.
    why not say instead ” I found it amusing, but some people didn’t”. I know that I find many things amusing that others seem totally oblivious to. I don’t think that’s because they don’t have a sense of humour. They just don’t have the exact same notion of what’s funny that I have.
    It is interesting that your mom shares your enjoyment of the ad. My son’s sense of humor pretty much mirrors mine. Do you suppose it’s a case of nature or nurture?

  3. You’re right, Susan, it was improper for me to say that they had no sense of humor. I stand corrected and I apologize.

    In my defense, I was commenting more on the folks who expressed ridiculous levels of outrage at the ad more so than the folks who just didn’t find it funny. The ultra right-wing group One Million Moms had an absolute shit fest over it calling the ad disgusting, inappropriate and filth and are trying to get people to write to Kmart to pull the ad because it’s too sexual. I admit it’s a tad risque, but I’ve seen burger commercials that were more sexualized than this ad.

    Then there was the person who left this comment on YouTube about the ad:

    nobody over the age of 15 wears joe boxer brand underwear. this simple fact means that the “show your joe” idea was perpetrated by a pedophile and everybody involved in this ad from the brainstorming team, to the director and actors in the video, to the ceo of kmart need to be in prison for pedophilia and should have to register as sexual offenders for the rest for there lives. f—-n’ disgusting.

    anybody that wants to argue this fact is also guilty of accessory to pedophilia.

    anybody that’s over the age of 15 that wears joe boxer brand underwear, you’re a complete waste of existence. that shit’s made for kids. straight up. i don’t care if your girl thought they were cute, they’re not. they’re f—-n’ childish.

    what the hell is wrong with society to think that something like this was ok?

    This person not only thinks the ad is offensive, but appears to think it’s criminal. They also seem to think they’re the final authority on what kind of underwear grown men should wear. This person’s comment alone is almost enough to make me go out and buy some Joe Boxers just out of spite. Just by criticizing this asshole they now consider me an accessory to pedophilia. I think it’s pretty safe to say they don’t have a sense of humor, let alone two brain cells to rub together.

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