This is one reason I love my job.

As of next month I will have been with my current employer for three years. First as a double contractor, then a single contractor, and finally as a direct hire. The people I work with are great and I come home each day with a sense of accomplishment. That’s a large part of the reason I love my job, but there are other, smaller reasons that factor in as well.

For example, there’s a wall near the front lobby where we have pictures of every employee grouped by department in a simple org chart. Each department has a header on it letting you know what it is, but for some reason whoever put it together never got around to making one for the IT department.

So we took it upon ourselves to make our own:

It seemed the logical choice.

It seemed the logical choice.

We put that up on the board over a year ago and it’s been there ever since. It’s a good feeling to know that the company you work for has a sense of humor. It makes me smile every time I see it.

3 thoughts on “This is one reason I love my job.

  1. What’s a double contractor?
    And it’s so nice to hear from someone who’s happy in their job.

  2. Susan, a double contractor is someone who works as an independent contractor for one company that contracts them out to another company. And my cubemate reminds me that when I started here I was actually a triple contractor. I was hired under contract by Company A that then contracted me to Company B that contracted me to Company C.

    There were reasons why it was done that way, but the upshot is that it really ate into what my starting pay ended up being and I didn’t get any health benefits for my trouble and made my income taxes a living hell. Things improved a bit when I was move to a single contract and even more so when I was hired directly.

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