Happy Halloween 2013!

jackskellingtonmoonThis is just a quick post to wish you and yours a Happy Halloween!

Alas, we didn’t hand out candy this year in part because it just wasn’t in the budget and in part because it rained pretty much all day and we already don’t see a lot of kids as it is. With the rain I’m sure the turnout would’ve been even worse.

So we didn’t put on any costumes this year, no pumpkin in the window, no spooky soundtrack playing on the stereo. Kind of a bummer, really. Hopefully next year we’ll be in a proper house and will have the resources to do the holiday proud.

How about you folks? Did you do anything special for Halloween this year?

2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween 2013!

  1. We had a party and then went to get ice-cream in costume. It attracted some attention because people around here generally don’t know when it’s Halloween.

  2. It rained pretty much all day in Chicago, so only the die-hard candy junkies insisted on getting their costumes soaked. I hand a grand total of 3 teenagers ring my doorbell and now I’m stuck with lots of extra candy. Sob.

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