We live on an amazing planet.

Couple of folks have been passing this around on Google+, but it was so amazing I thought I should repost it here. It’s a series of storms filmed in time-lapse so you can see the power that rolls through them that is both terrifying and beautiful at the same time. You’re going to want to watch this in HD and fullscreen to really appreciate it:

You really get a feel for the complexity of the physics that takes place in your average thunderstorm. They can be stunningly destructive and are also essential for life on Earth. The world is a pretty amazing place when you stop long enough to look around you.

Hat tip to Dave and George who alerted me to it.

4 thoughts on “We live on an amazing planet.

  1. And to think, with such beauty, some still want superstition. BTW, it’s nice you seem to have found a way to hang around.

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