SEB is going on hiatus.

I mentioned previously that I was once again considering shutting down SEB due to various factors including the cost, the impact it has on the shared hosting service I’m using, and the fact that I’m just not blogging much at the moment. Well, that day has come.

After 4,294 days — or more specifically 11 years, 9 months, and 2 days — I’m going to shut things down until I can figure out a cheaper hosting solution or our finances improve. Right now we’re surviving on just my income and I get paid twice a month. The majority of the first check goes towards rent and with other expenses coming out before the next paycheck arrives, the choice came down to spending $120 for the next three months of hosting or using it to buy groceries. While I am trying to lose weight, I still need to eat something.

I did look at several suggestions for cheaper hosting, but after contacting several of them and discussing how traffic heavy SEB can be most of them didn’t think they’d make a good home. Dreamhost’s WordPress virtual server seemed like the best bet, but they’re not setup to support multi-blog installations so I’d have to also have a shared hosting account for the other blogs I host and that drove the cost back up.

That said, I am making backups of SEB and the other blogs so that if I do manage to find a new home for them I can drop everything back into place. Hopefully. Perhaps I’ll get lucky and win the lotto soon and can afford a really nice dedicated server. Until then you can keep up with my blatherings on Google+. It’s been a great almost 12 years. I’m sure I’ll be back sooner or later in one form or another. Thanks to all of you who dropped by regularly to see what thing I was ranting about.

16 thoughts on “SEB is going on hiatus.

  1. Oh well. Just one less space in my “news” bookmark folder to view every day. See ya. Thank you for doing what you do and not just immediately banning me years ago.

  2. Why not just let do your hosting? You can still use your domain name there for a small fee.

    I am still confused as to why you think the Dreamhost setup is too expensive. $20 for the DreamPress and an additional $10 for a shared account for everyone else. And why aren’t THEY chipping in a buck or two?

    My music site generates about 60k hits a month. It can be really resource intensive, since I host both mp3 and mp4 files on each of several thousand posts. For $20 a month, this is a steal.

    Like you, I do a lot of separate hosting for friends and family, and I stick eleven of them onto a single shared hosting account. It works fine for them and i am a hero to them for giving them a spot. But I do try to get a buck or two from them just to cover that cost.

    Anyways, I hope you figure it out.

  3. Remember the big Movable Type 3 migrations to Expression Engine? I’ve been reading SEB since then. Before then. While rarely getting into the debates and discussions, it’s always livened my day up to see them.

    G+ is a mystery to me – so until the day SEB pops back up in my RSS feed – farewell!

  4. @Moloch:

    I laughed pretty hard at that, but you still had lots to contribute, even so.


    It’s been a fun ride. You were instrumental in my shift to atheism, and to the wider world of blogging, even though I don’t have time or patience for it, anymore. I will, of course, follow you until the feed goes silent.

  5. After sleeping on it and receiving a couple of offers of help, I’m taking some time to reevaluate my options. At this point, this account will expire at the next bill date in a week or so. This gives me a few days to try and work things out. Either way I have backups of the database and files.

  6. So, if you do decide to pull the plug, this means it’ll be just.. gone? Like, having to use wayback to read old entries gone?

    Sure will miss ya if so. Thanks Les, enjoyed it. But, we’ll see, given your post above..

  7. Sad to know that you’re going to close this blog… On the other hand, I also must say that sometimes things like those must be put aside in order to focus more on your own life.

    But I’ll be following you on G+, just hope you will be posting there some more lengthy posts too.

    Anyway, good luck and thank you!

  8. It’s amazing what can happen in less than 24 hours. Today at work I got a call from my boss’s boss to let me know that I’m getting a pay raise and a bonus effective immediately. I’ve also taken another gander at the Dreamhost offerings and I think I can make it work.

    So now I’m happy to say that I will not be shutting down, but rather moving to a new host. Hopefully everyone has selected the option to be notified of updates to this thread so you’ll see this.

  9. So this whole “I’m closing my blog because $40/month will bankrupt me” was just a ploy to guilt your boss into giving you a raise. Clever.

  10. Good deal! I’ve been on DreamHost since 2000 and only every now and then have some issues with them — but nothing really serious. You will like them.

  11. Okay, Les, I think I have created the solution for you. Check your email, this will be MUCH cheaper than you thought, and NO set up fees.

    Pay $22.40 for a full year of shared hosting up front.

    Pay $19.95 a month for DreamPress after you’ve signed up for your shared hosting plan.

    You can’t beat that with a stick.

  12. Good to see things have (or at least it sounds like) sorted themselves out with your pay raise & hosting.

    I may not contribute much to the debates/posts/rants/observations Etc. but like others have said your blog has been interesting, informative and entertaining, keep up it up, it’s appreciated.

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