I’ve updated the About SEB page with a commenting policy.

unbearable_consequencesI’ve noticed a rash of drive-by commenters who are using obviously fake email addresses in their comments either because they’re worried about me selling their email to a third party (I’ve never done so and never will) or because they don’t want to receive notifications when their stupid comment gets a reply.

The most recent example comes from a new comment on the Myth of Horus thread by someone calling themselves PRMM. He or she decided to use an email address of notice “at” newsrap.com which looks to me like it’s a general contact address for a commercial website. A website, as it turns out, which is defunct. If you’re too much of a pussy to use an email address that you actually own in the comments you leave here then I’m just going to trash them and you’ll have wasted your time. I’m not going to have SEB sending notifications to random email addresses of people or websites that didn’t leave the comment. If you don’t want to get notifications then don’t check the boxes opting in to them and you won’t get them.

I don’t have a lot of rules regarding leaving comments on SEB. Using a valid email address is one of those few rules. Certainly not using general contact emails for websites you have nothing to do with counts among them.

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