The hidden messages under our desks.

My cubemate has been sitting at the same desk for the past 4 years. Today while reaching for something under his desk his hand brushed up against a flat magnet adhered to the side up near the center drawer. It’s been there the entire time and he had no idea. It’s one of those magnets that usually contain some form of uplifting message that you slap on a fridge or a filing cabinet.

The message written on this one is… interesting.


For the record, he says that if that’s what it takes then knock yourself out.

3 thoughts on “The hidden messages under our desks.

  1. No one is allowed to sniff mine! Nit even my doctor! (Though if she asked nicely…)…

  2. If you examine the photo closely enough you can see that the “sniff my asshole” part was not the original ending, it begs the question; what was the original statement?

    You could come up with all kinds of answers, have fun.

    PS Is the semi-colon the right punctuation mark where I used it?

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