English is hard, but it used to be a lot worse.

masturbate-a-large-wordMost of us native English speakers don’t think too much about how fucked up a language it is because we’ve been speaking it — more or less — all our lives, but it’s definitely one of the hardest languages to pick up if you’re trying to learn it. It’s full of stupid rules and weird exceptions to the stupid rules and flat out contradictions to the stupid rules.

The good news is, it used to be a lot worse:


3 thoughts on “English is hard, but it used to be a lot worse.

  1. I have been a student of the “English Language” for my entire life, and I still have not figured it all out, yet. That is the beauty of it. Diversity.

  2. Fun.

    And, then, of course, the Normans came in and _really_ screwed things up. And then we started REimporting words from the French, Dutch, and Italians, so you got related terms that got spelled and conjugated/declined differently.

    Ah, well. On the bright side, at least we got rid of gender. Makes German and Spanish and all a hell of a lot more difficult to learn.

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