Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Demon Haunted Closet

normalreactionDon’t you hate it when you discover that your closet has become host to a horde of demonic beings from Hell? They can be a real pain to get rid of as the following news item shows us:

Avondale man burns closet to rid it of demons

Avondale police say they arrested a man Monday afternoon who allegedly started a fire in his bedroom closet while his roommates were home because he was trying to rid his room of demons.

Adam Glenn Hamilton, 30, was walking around the home near 120th Avenue and Tonto Street in Avondale reciting Bible verses before he started a fire in his bedroom closet with paint thinner, according to police documents.

Two of Hamilton’s three roommates were home when he started the fire on July 20. He told police he was going to tell them about the fire but forgot, according to the arrest report.

Here’s the part I don’t understand. Isn’t Hell supposed to be all fire and brimstone and shit? If so then wouldn’t demons be well accustomed to that environment? How then does setting your closet on fire solve the problem of a demon infestation? You may as well be making them a nice, comfy bed to sleep in.

For his part, Hamilton suffered some burns on his feet and was taken to a mental health facility. Not sure why anyone would think he might be crazy. If you accept that things like God and Satan and Heaven and Hell and angels and demons are real things then surely you have to accept the possibility that some of them are occasionally setting up shop in people’s closets.

3 thoughts on “Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Demon Haunted Closet

  1. There is only one place where hell can be found , in our own mind. If someone had died in that fire Hamilton would have found it.

  2. And people wonder why I have no patience with religio-nuts. Not that ALL religious people are nuts. Just too many for my peace of mind.

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