If this is true…

… then I’m the most honest motherfucker you’ll ever meet:


9 thoughts on “If this is true…

  1. I tend to try and control my cussing, even though I could probably embarrass a sailor, if I chose to. Grew up working on a farm that was owned by a Frenchman. Learned to swear in two languages (that’s all the French I ever learned). And I have known a few twats who could put me to shame, cussing. that were the most evil fuckin’ bitches that one could have the displeasure to meet. Fuck ’em all, I say.

    Oops. Sorry for that minor rant. So does my control over my use of inappropriate language make me DIShonest, in some way? I don’t think so.

  2. Matt, I control my cussing in various situations such as in front of customers too so I don’t think that’s dishonest per se. Though I suppose you could argue that it’s a form of dishonesty for hiding the way you really speak. Given the negative downsides in some situations, however, I think it’s a white lie at best.

    Moloch, you don’t like the new theme? I got tired of the old one. This isn’t final, it’s just what worked for the moment.

  3. I’m with Moloch (never thought I’d say that) I liked the way the site looked earlier. But it is up to Les.

    I try to control my cursing (I can’t stand when my fellow Americans call it “cussing”) but I’m with Les, I tend to curse a lot. Though, oddly, when I write things out online I tend to curse less. If I had to guess I would imagine that most people tend to curse more on the Internet than offline and in front of people. I suppose that can be a question for another study, if it hasn’t been already.

  4. Know what you mean, sometimes I just say “Expletive!”, since profanity tends to be personal, the recipient can fill in their favorites. BTW, for a while, I had no comment access from my Mac, in safari or firefox, so this works.

  5. Chris, thanks for reminding me. My blogroll was just an import of the list I kept on Google Reader which just went offline. I’ll need to edit the page and put a static list in it.

  6. Even supposedly perfect mothers swear also. It helps point out what is serious.

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