Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Try, Try, Try Again Edition.

Nothing fails quite like prayer. If you’re facing a crisis of some sort and want to do the absolute least thing you can do to help, prayer is your best choice.

It’s a particularly useless thing to do when your kids are are sick and need medical attention:

Herbert and Catherine Schaible belong to a fundamentalist Christian church that believes in faith healing. They lost their 8-month-old son, Brandon, last week after he suffered from diarrhea and breathing problems for at least a week, and stopped eating.

Now I’ve written about dumbshit parents who opted to try and use prayer to heal deathly ill children many times over the years, but this case is different.

This isn’t the first time they’ve tried this:

Four years ago, another son died from bacterial pneumonia.

[…] A jury convicted the Schaibles of involuntary manslaughter in the January 2009 death of their 2-year-old son, Kent. The boy’s symptoms had included coughing, congestion, crankiness and a loss of appetite. His parents said he was eating and drinking until the last day, and they had thought he was getting better.

The Schaibles were sentenced to 10 years’ probation.

You’d think that after they killed their first son by appealing to a God, that either doesn’t care or doesn’t exist, they’d have learned their lesson and made sure to not make that mistake again.

At a hearing Monday, a judge told the couple they had violated the terms of their probation, noting the Schaibles had told investigators that they prayed to God to make Brandon well instead of seeking medical attention.

“You did that once, and the consequences were tragic,” Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Benjamin Lerner said, according to the Philadelphia Daily News.

I’d find the attempted defense of these two idiots by their lawyer hilarious if it weren’t for the fact that they’ve killed two kids so far:

“There are way more questions than answers at this point. We haven’t seen the autopsy report. We don’t know the cause of death of this child,” Jayaraman told The Associated Press. “What we do know is Mr. and Mrs. Schaible are distraught, they are grieving, they are tremendously sad about the loss of their most recent baby.”

“Nobody argues that these aren’t very loving, nurturing parents,” she said Tuesday. “Whether their religion had anything to do with the death of their baby, we don’t know.”

The hell we don’t. They made it pretty clear that they wasted days praying instead of seeking medical attention. Their church has a sermon on its website called  “Healing — From God or Medicine?” which states that it is a “definite sin to trust in medical help and pills”. That sounds like their religion being involved to me.

These morons violated the terms of their probation and are probably headed to jail with an entirely new manslaughter charge tacked on to boot. Their seven other children are currently in foster care which is probably for the best considering the judge thinks these two are “a danger to their children — not to the community, but to their own children.”  I couldn’t agree more.

5 thoughts on “Too Much Faith Will Make You Crazy: Try, Try, Try Again Edition.

  1. Jail won’t fix stupid; never has – never will. These people are ‘guilty’ of having IQs in the single digits – the low single digits.

    But their church leaders…..? Ah, those bastards are the one’s I want to talk to. Surely counselling these idiots to commit a crime is illegal. And failure to provide the necessities of life to a minor child IS a crime. Has anyone looked into other members of that “church” to see if they too are having trouble getting connected to God’s Medicare when their children are ill? You can bet yer bippy that these numbskulls aren’t alone in following their church leaders down that path.

  2. As a parent who lost a precious and very wanted child despite throwing everything medicine AND prayer had at her health issues, I find this appalling. I was desperate enough to save my daughter that I tried things that go against my beliefs (praying, begging, trying to make deals with any deity who might listen). Anyone who thinks their convictions trump their dependent children’s health and or safety is not a parent, but a selfish asshole.

  3. Seems to me these yahoos could do with some reading from Matthew 4, or maybe James 2:14-26. Prayer isn’t a substitute for action, it is (if you believe in such things) a complement to it; if you choose intercessory prayer instead of action to alleviate pain and suffering in yourself or others, you’re doing it wrong.

  4. “Nobody argues that these aren’t very loving, nurturing parents,”
    Bullshit. I’ll argue that right now. They might have loved their dead kids, in some hellish, fucked-up manner, but they obviously weren’t nurturing parents, or their kids would’nt be dead! Nurturing parents actually take care of their kids when they’re sick. They give them medicine, they take them to the doctor. They do NOT watch their kids shit & puke up everything and gasp out their last breath while standing around praying with their thumbs up their asses. I’m disgusted by the judge that let them do this before and gave them only probation. Now I hope there’ll be an investigation of the church and it’s pastor for aiding and abetting this kind of heinous child abuse.

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