If ads for your local cable company were honest…

…they’d probably look just like this one:

Things are a little better in places where there’s some actual competition. Here in Ann Arbor you can opt between AT&T U-Verse (which is what I have) and Comcast. When I say “a little better” I mean very little, but you take what you can get. This is part of why I’m hoping Google Fiber eventually comes to AA. They would probably eat the competition’s lunch if they did. In places where they’re rumored to be considering their next expansion you can see the incumbent cable companies bending over backwards to kiss their customer’s asses and lower rates. Google has the rest of the market very nervous indeed.

1 thought on “If ads for your local cable company were honest…

  1. I happen to live in one of the zero competition places, and the video is right on, except that we haven’t had much of a problem with outages. Comcast has a monopoly, and the city seems to be favor this circumstance. In order for Verizon to enter the market and offer FIOS, the city would require them to bury all the fiber that is presently strung on utility poles. They don’t appear to be eager to undertake that expense, so we appear to be stuck with Comcast for the foreseeable future.

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