I can totally relate to this rant about predictive text…

Tobuscus (Toby Turner) is a guilty pleasure. Pretty much every one of his YouTube videos will leave me in tears cause I’m laughing so hard. His series on rants on topics such as passwords, voice mails, and Christmas are spot on. Here’s his latest on the problems with predictive text on your cellphone:

This is less of a problem for me since I got a phone with a slide-out keyboard. That turns off the predictive text and leaves me free to cause my own embarrassing spelling errors and typos. Goodness knows I don’t need any automated help for that.

2 thoughts on “I can totally relate to this rant about predictive text…

  1. I once did an amusing predictive text experiment (on a PC) on a word by word basis.
    You typed in just one word. Then my program ran along a Markov chain predicting the most likely next word and so on and so forth. I could plug in different corpora which had different Markov probabilities. But no, none of them wrote the works of Shakespeare, even given the works of Shakespeare as the corpora 🙁

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