And to think my mom only ever hired a clown for my birthday parties…

… and she didn’t even do that until I was 21 years old!

Cops: Mom charged after stripper party – Times Union.

SOUTH GLENS FALLS — Police arrested the mother who hired two strippers for her son’s 16th birthday party, according to the Glens Falls Post-Star.

The newspaper reported that Judy H. Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, was charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child.

The Nov. 3 party at Spare Time Bowling Alley featured two exotic dancers performing for partygoers as young as 14. The dancers stripped to thong underwear and bras and gave lap dances to some of the teenagers. A photo taken with a cellphone camera shows an upside-down dancer with a teen’s head between her knees and her head between his legs.

At least she meant well.

Teaching your kids about sex can be difficult.

As for this mom, I’m a little torn about what she did. Her son is 16. Chances are he’s already had sex a few times by that age. In Michigan he’s at the age of consent, though in New York (where this took place) he’s still a year away.

Personally, I probably wouldn’t hire a stripper for my kid. For one I have a daughter, but even if I had a son I’d probably still not do it. Not because I think its wrong, but because he’d probably find it awkward. It’s similar to watching a sex scene in an R-rated movie with your parents in the room. It’s just awkward. But maybe this kid and his mom don’t find such things awkward.

If the mom didn’t let the parents of the other kids know about this ahead of time then I can definitely see why they might be pissed, but if they knew and didn’t have a problem with it…   well…

Granted I think 14 is a bit young for this sort of thing, but these women stayed in their bras and thongs. We live in an age when they can see as much in the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show which aired last December on CBS at 10PM EST. True, the Victoria Secret girls weren’t shaking their money-makers in anyone’s face, but it’s only slightly more upscale.

At best I can only say that it’s not what I would’ve done, but the fact that someone else did doesn’t outrage me.

5 thoughts on “And to think my mom only ever hired a clown for my birthday parties…

  1. What a tempest in a teapot. Kids these days go directly from the “show me yours – I’ll show you mine” of 5 year olds, and “playing Doctor” of 7 year olds to oral sex as 9 year olds and full sex as 11 year olds.

    Do people suffer a memory lapse when they have kids? Do they not remember their own younger days? Strippers for 14 to 16 year olds is so passé compared to the porn they’ve been watching on their computers, that it is laughable to think that a silly strip show could, in any way, “endanger” them.

  2. I should probably mention that the note itself is not directly related to the entry. It just seemed appropriate given the nature of the story.

  3. ThatCondom is promoting pregnancy with two tacs puncturing it to hold it to the note,,LMFAO not the smartest mom, lucky son.. Except the possible pregnancy from that holes inthe condom lol

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