A small update for Valentine’s Day.

Yep, I’m still around. My back problems have almost faded away completely after nearly an entire month of recovery, which is a record I hope I don’t ever break in the future. I started physical therapy this week in hopes of strengthening the core muscles that were the problem. Sitting for extended periods still hurts, but it’s more of an annoyance than the debilitating problem it was.

If nothing else, I think this episode has given me the motivation to finally get serious about losing some of the excess weight I’m carrying around. I’ll be pulling the elliptical out of the corner of the living room and getting back on it at least three days a week on the instruction of my physician.

Beyond that, I keep coming across things I think I’ll blog about only to decide I really don’t have anything all that significant to say about them. It’s odd, but as I’ve gotten older I seem to find it harder to get the outrage that fueled so many older entries going. Or perhaps I’m just getting to be apathetic about the stuff that used to rile me up. Probably a little of both.

In honor of the day I present you with this:

3 thoughts on “A small update for Valentine’s Day.

  1. When I was in physical therapy for my back, it was in the early ’80s and my therapy was scheduled for 3pm at a hospital. On every hospital TV at 3pm was General Hospital, and I got to experience the exquisite torture of watching Luke and Laura fight the evil scientist and his weather machine. I still have nightmares!

    But fortunately, because of my back issues, I found BBSes like Les’s Place. 😉

  2. …I found BBSes like Les’s Place.

    Makes me wonder how many of the readers of this blog would know that the term BBS is an abbreviation for the bulletin board systems that were common in the days of modem connectivity when the Internet was in its infancy and was only accessed by relatively few. Because of the cost of long distance phone connections in the BBS days, most people who connected to them lived in the same general area, which meant that they were sometimes inclined to have group get-togethers at a local restaurant or pub. Those were the days of debating the virtues of this or that software for dial-up connectivity and software downloading protocols like y-modem and z-modem. It’s not so long ago, but it seems like ancient history, nevertheless.

  3. I think a good number of folks who hang out here regularly probably remember those days. I ran my system in the early 80’s on a tricked out Commodore 64 and then in the early 90’s on an Amiga. Les’s Place went offline for the last time in 1996, but I still have the A3000 it last ran on with the software still installed.

    And, yes, we had BBS Bashes over the years, though in our case it was held at my parent’s house. System 64, incidentally, was the name of the software I ran on the Commodore 64 and the fellow up there going by that pseudonym is one of the friends I ended up finding through my BBS.

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