The solution to global warming is simple.


Well, that’s one problem solved. What’s next?

7 thoughts on “The solution to global warming is simple.

  1. I think the average global temperature just increased by 0.1 degrees from the kinetic energy released from all of the facepalm reactions to this article.

  2. Well now that is interesting. It seems all of my images are broken. What the hell is going on with that?

  3. Turns out there was an errant .htaccess file in the upload directory that was blocking indexing. No idea how it got there. Gone now though.

  4. I wouldn’t worry about it, Max. The Republicans will make sure we don’t do anything about global climate change until it’s too late to make any real difference.

    In fact, some would argue that’s already happened. Many scientists are now urging that we prepare to adapt to global climate change instead of trying to mitigate it. They see the devastating changes as inevitable at this point. The EPA even has a page devoted to impacts and adaptation by region:

    Projected change in summer temperatures under different warming scenarios. Summers in Illinois and Michigan might feel like current summers in Texas or Oklahoma by the end of the century.

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