Oh look at how the time has passed…

Been awhile since I last blogged anything so I figured an update was due. Part of the delay has been lack of anything to say, but another part is the fact that I’ve been flat on my back since last Wednesday with a sore back.

Every so often the muscles that hold me upright in my lower back go on strike and it’s often several days before they’re feeling up to working properly once more. This flare up has been one of the more severe I’ve had in awhile and has kept me away from my computer. Even now I can only manage to sit upright for short periods of time.

So, once my back stops complaining and I come up with something to blog about I’ll be back here in front of my keyboard hammering away, but for the moment I’m going to lay down again for a bit.

8 thoughts on “Oh look at how the time has passed…

  1. Sorry to hear your back is acting up. Please take it easy and get better soon because you are only allowed ‘one out of commission person’ per household. Jay and I shared our flu and I know first hand that it ain’t no fun!!!!

  2. I went through a bout of lower back ow-ow-ow starting before Xmas that I’m about 70% recovered from. Not nearly as bad as you, but when I say I feel your pain, it’s not completely empty words.

    Take care, take it easy, 800mg Ibuprofin is your friend, this too shall pass, and we’ll be thinking of you.

  3. If you did not do any activity that accompanied the onset of the lower back ache, it is possible that inflamed kidneys are the problem. When I do not drink enough water for a period of time, this happens to me. Try drinking one half gallon of water in half an hour. You can repeat this one more time, but don’t drink too much in too short a time as there is such a thing as water poisoning. Let me know if that brings relief. A massage therapist told me that remedy.


  4. Dave, 800mg of Ibuprofen weren’t enough to dull the pain. Ended up on Percocet with some Prednisone to boot. Today I’m only feeling small twinges in my back, but I’m still pretty well drugged up.

    Leguru, water is probably 90% of what I drink these days since I gave up on all forms of soda awhile back. The other 10% is milk and/or coffee with the occasional lemonade. I’m sure this was brought on by poor sleeping posture. I often wake up mildly sore if I spend too much time in bed, but these major bouts tend to happen every year and a half or so.

  5. I had back troubles for years. The best thing to do is walk. I know it sounds like more pain to come but it actually works. If you’re not a walker, start with 10-15 minute intervals at a moderate pace. Adopting a regular walking schedule and sticking to it may help in the long run.

  6. Les, I’m sorry to hear you’re in so much pain. This may seem completely off the wall but I would suggest you move to a happier climate. At least think about it. It might give you a sense of change for the better or – just a change…
    I have been a stalker here on your site for probably 6 years! I have never commented, but here I am. I want to thank you for expressing your opinions as you do. They are close to my own. I am more of a pacifist; I don’t wish to waste my time trying to convince people that they have spent so much energy to twist logic into fitting into any ridiculous religion. I’d rather sidestep them as I would a deranged animal, and let them suffer their own fate. It does affect me daily to deal with religions – but no more than it does to deal with politics, corruption, greed, or every other failure that has evolved with humanity. Good luck, and be happy; you only live one time.

  7. Mary, starting to exercise regularly is definitely on my must-do list. I have an elliptical bought for just such a purpose which I started using last year around this time only to let it lapse and it unused. I consider this to be a reminder of the need to get on it some more.

    David, I appreciate the suggestion and I may act upon it some day, but for now I’ll be staying put. I like Michigan and I’m not so old yet that living here is impractical in the winter. I have deep roots here and a good job so starting over someplace else is not an attractive option for me at this time.

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