That’s no ornament. It’s a space station!

I had a vacation day yesterday and we decided we should go up to see my folks because we didn’t get a chance to do so over Thanksgiving. As I’m sitting on the couch putting my shoes on to leave I head a rustling in the Christmas tree next to me. We had set it up last weekend and gotten the lights on it, but still haven’t put the ornaments on. This hasn’t stopped the official SEB cats from falling in love with it as the tree skirt is apparently very comfortable. Jasper, in particular, loves playing with the fake berries and pine cones that decorate some of the lower branches. So I looked over to see what they were doing in case one of them was chewing on a branch which they know they’re not supposed to do and I didn’t see any cats under the tree.

Then I looked up:

What the hell?

Jasper is only a year and a half or so old and in that time he shot up from a kitten I could literally hold in the palm of my hand to a 15 pound adult cat. He’s bigger than Cuddles who has at least a year on him in age. Last year when he first experienced the Christmas tree he climbed it several times. Apparently he doesn’t realize he’s not a little kitten anymore.

It was pretty clear he was having an “oh shit” moment where he realized he not only was in trouble, but he had no idea how to get down without breaking his neck. It took both Anne and I to extract him from the tree.

On the one hand I’m glad my laziness kept there from being any ornaments on the tree for him to break, on the other I’m hoping he’s had enough tree climbing adventure that he won’t feel the need to do it once we do put the ornaments on. Still, it makes for a great picture.

4 thoughts on “That’s no ornament. It’s a space station!

  1. They’re odd animals. My dear departed kitty Holly used to come down to my basement office, get up on the worktable, then jump down into the tall trash can beside the table. Then, because she couldn’t get out, she’d holler for help. Did this for years, and it didn’t matter how long you waited to “rescue” her.

  2. What a great series of pictures. Jasper sure is an adventurous creature. You must have a time keeping up with him!!!

  3. I don’t think it’s safe. There’s always a danger of electrocution. My dad doesn’t even allow humans to touch the tree when the lights are on.

  4. There’s also the risk of strangulation on the wires and stomach problems from them chewing the plastic branches. Believe me, we work pretty hard to discourage them from doing anything dangerous, but they are cats and cats are famous for their curiosity. We’ve stopped putting icicle style tinsel on the tree because cats are way too fond of eating it and it can block up their digestive tract.

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