Games I’m Looking Forward To: SimCity

Here’s another title I’ve posted about more than once, but every time they reveal a little bit more of how the game plays my enthusiasm for it spikes. In this video they show how you can have multiple cities that work together or have your friends build cities near yours to work together. I wasn’t sure how you’d do multiplayer in this sort of game, but this looks awesome.

Check it:

Another title that won’t be out until next year, dammit!

2 thoughts on “Games I’m Looking Forward To: SimCity

  1. Awesome Les! You got me excited for it as well! I enjoy reading your blog and glad I ran across it a few months ago.. Bravo buddy! My youtube channel is “iLetone2” and my twitter is “Sniffinsnuff2” thanks buddy!

  2. I got super excited about this game as well but after some reading, it looks like you can only save your progress through their “Cloud”, no local saves. Sounds like DRM going crazy again. I would buy it in a heart beat, hopefully they change the way you play.

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