Happy 49th birthday Doctor Who!

On this day back in 1963 The Doctor first graced television screens. It would be years before I’d first see him, but fortunately he hung around for quite awhile. He disappeared for a bit in 1989, but he’s back now and better than ever.

What’s really amazing is that he doesn’t look a day over 30*:

*Current actor Matt Smith is 30.

1 thought on “Happy 49th birthday Doctor Who!

  1. Subjective age of a time-traveller is not the distance from his/her/its birthpoint along the T-axis. Most SF assumes that subjective age is a linear single-track function, because that is what we non-TTs experience in our own lives.
    But what if time for the TT-branched like a tree? Try mapping this onto linear segments of clone time-lines.

    What you count as “age” depends on your mental model of time-travel; as I showed in a post last week, you could even have the “same” time traveler dying several tomes over, by Jesus 😉

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