Why won’t the government move the deer crossings to a lower-traffic area?

That’s the question Donna has for the DJs at Y94 Playhouse in Fargo, ND:

That was back on October 8th. That phone call has since gone viral so they brought Donna back on with a followup interview on October 17th:

She appears to be taking her new found notoriety all in stride considering the amount of ribbing she’s taking for it. She admits to feeling stupid after someone explained to her that the deer crossing signs are to alert us to the possibility of encountering deer there and not to direct the deer to cross at that location. She goes on to say, in her defense, that she truly didn’t have a clue and she “never really thought about it enough” to realize how silly her question was.

That seems to be a common problem these days. It’s not that she’s stupid, she just didn’t take the time to think about it before she tried to take action to correct what she saw as a serious problem. She had been in three deer related accidents immediately after seeing a deer crossing sign so the obvious solution would be to move the signs, right? Who really needs to think about it that hard? It seems to me — and I don’t really have anything objective to back this up with — that more and more people do this these days. Something bad happens and their immediate reaction is to try and get a solution to it put into place without really thinking about what the problem really is and what the solution would really need to be (or what their proposed solution would really do).

Fortunately in this case it just gave Donna some embarrassment and her 15 minutes of fame, but when our legislators do it we end up with bad laws with lots of unintended consequences like the TSA or the DMCA or the Patriot Act.

2 thoughts on “Why won’t the government move the deer crossings to a lower-traffic area?

  1. Here in Colorado CDOT has set up areas where they try and force the Deer to cross in a certain area and motion sensing to warn motorists that the deer are in the crossing zone. No idea if it works, but it is intersting to see.

  2. Can’t help it but it reminds me of the plank in the Texas republican platform against critical thinking

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