I couldn’t agree more…

4 thoughts on “I couldn’t agree more…

  1. I love that. Is a little recognition too much to ask?

    I recently added a page called “Annette’s Debates” to my facebook page. It’s mostly idiot political stuff, but one of the questions was a “finish the phrase” kind of thing. “We can put a man on the moon, but we can’t…..”

    I answered, “put a man BACK on the moon!” I hope I’m not too cynical. I suppose the fact that I’m still hoping I’m not too cynical is a good sign….

    As much as I love the Izzard bit, I think the real challenge will not be getting from the blue one to the grey one, but eventually getting to another blue one…or making another one blue. If we could achive that, instead of a reward of “well done”, maybe this god fellow will officially leave us alone, and pass the word on to his followers as well.

  2. But at the same token – that would assume that the author of that cute picture – saw the logical fallacy. Who is making the rules – and what would be better for us as a whole, getting from the blue one to the grey one, or actually looking after each-others’ needs?
    Assuming (as the picture did), that there is a creator, doesn’t the creator make the rules?
    Or – if God is that much superior (as the picture indicated to me) – who the heck are we to second guess what he would or wouldn’t do or say?

    ps – I typed in (required) as demonstrated for the email and name tabs – and nothing worked. Why would the creator of this forum not recognize our effort and say “well done”

    (little tongue in cheek here)

  3. Why would i ever believe in God that filthy evil low life bastard to begin with? He never gave a good single man like me a wife and family that so many other people on this earth have. Why would God the retarded filthy jew bastard punish a good man like me to begin with since it is very normal to have that? Why should i be single and all alone when i Should Not really be at all? What did i do wrong anyway? Didn’t God say that man Should Not be alone?

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