Happy Halloween 2012!

Jasper got bored waiting for the kids to show up.

It took some time to get underway this year — it was an hour and 20 minutes after the scheduled start time before we saw the first couple of kids — but it was a pretty decent Halloween in the end. The weather was cold and damp, but not rainy and there were plenty of trick and treaters dropping by to collect their empty calories.

We pulled double duty this year as one of the neighbors came up to ask if we’d had out her candy as well because she had to to go work and her husband wouldn’t be home in time to do the honors. She had the same problem last year and had just set the bowl out on the honor system only to have the first couple of kids who showed up clean it out completely. We said we’d be happy to do so and she dropped by with a bowl full of suckers a short while later.

This proved to be more problematic than I first thought as several kids didn’t pick up on my invitation to take a couple of items from each bowl and thought that they could only choose from one bowl or take just one thing from each bowl. As a result, we both have left over candy again even though we bought less than last year. Good thing it’s stuff I like to eat.

Here’s hoping your Halloween was as festive and fun as ours was! I enjoyed it so much that I think I’ll do it again next year.

1 thought on “Happy Halloween 2012!

  1. I do miss the trick or treaters. We live in a more rural area with a long driveway so we haven’t had one beggar in the last 13 years we have lived here.

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