Annual “Halloween is evil” message comes with a new homosexual twist!

Boo!If it’s October then it must be time for the annual “Satan loves Halloween” message from overly credulous Evangelicals. This year’s warning comes from Linda Harvey of Mission America as posted on the WingNut Daily website.

Not only does she engage in the usual demons-will-get-you nonsense, but she manages to one-up previous year’s warning by linking it to homosexuality:

2. Halloween is now the second-most popular American celebration right behind Christmas. Why the growing magnetism of Halloween? Spiritual deception on a grand scale, using every enticing trick in the book, may be at work. And such trends call for heightened Christian discernment.

This event has become a huge annual celebration in the “LGBT” world, especially for the transgender/ gender-confused folks. Their affinity illustrates some of the problem: The core of Halloween is glittering artificiality. You can be pretend to be someone you aren’t for a night, you can flirt with danger, you can divine a different destiny – but it’s all void of the love or will of God. This “seduction unto death” is enticing: Don’t be afraid, do what you want, there’s nothing to fear. It’s one of Satan’s oldest tricks. Costume parties can be fun, but these costumes dare to disguise even our very souls.

via 10 reasons to fast from Halloween.

Icky gay people like it so you know it’s icky!

Though it’s not just the gays that get the guilt-by-association treatment here. Reason #1 on the list makes sure that witches aren’t forgotten:

1. Let’s be honest about the spiritual force at the center of Halloween. The modern celebration retains its decidedly occult origin. Some say the “All Hallows Eve” designation on some church calendars marks it as a Christian holiday, but an eighth-century accommodation to local pagan traditions for appeasing evil spirits is very thin gruel, Gospel-wise.

Halloween remains the highest sacred day of the year for modern witches and pagans, called “Samhain” (pronounced, “sow-een”). Some rationalize that Halloween transforms ghouls and goblins into light-hearted fun, but is Halloween’s makeover into a big joke a biblical approach? While Christians need not cringe in fear of the demonic realm, nor be overly preoccupied, neither are we to mock and scoff, cavalierly entering Satan’s territory while dismissing the danger. We are especially not to encourage our children in such recklessness.

Keep in mind that this woman, and many other Evangelical Christians like her, literally believes that demons are real and are lurking in the shadows in anticipation of your kid playing with an Ouija board so they can swallow their souls. She must lead a very stressful life worrying about nonsense like that all the time.

That said, she and her like-minded brethren are free to keep their kids safely at home on Halloween if they really want to. It’s not like anyone has ended up psychologically scarred for not having been allowed to trick or treat as a kid. All they’re missing out on is a bit of harmless fun. It just means more candy for the rest of us.

4 thoughts on “Annual “Halloween is evil” message comes with a new homosexual twist!

  1. I really just want to smack people like this. It means they really never did their research and just assume. Samhain is sacred to Pagans because it is the night the veil is thinnest between worlds..meaning your ancestors can hang out for a night. The costumes originated for the express purpose of looking like a demon, not because you wanted to be one, but if a demon saw you they would leave you alone because you looked like them. The treats are where people would put out milk and honey on the stoop for any wondering supernatural spirit to keep them away from the house. It was never a holiday to worship satan, though I am sure that there are those who use(d) it as such since it is considered the one night the spirits can visit the earthly plane easily. sigh

  2. Sounds like genuine fundie FME, (Fecal Matter Equivalent), and wouldn’t a gay holiday have a better sense of style?

  3. You do not understand the ways of God because belief cannot be possessed by an unbeliever, simple as that! Just believe in what John 3:16 says, sincerely test this with all your heart, then and only then, will you see it!!! John 14:6

  4. Mark writes…

    You do not understand the ways of God because belief cannot be possessed by an unbeliever, simple as that!

    How convenient.

    Here’s the thing: You can’t understand the ways of God either because God doesn’t exist. Love the circular logic, though. It makes for some grade A nonsense.

    Just believe in what John 3:16 says, sincerely test this with all your heart, then and only then, will you see it!!! John 14:6

    Now how am I supposed to believe in what John 3:16 (or is it John 14:6?) says if belief cannot be possessed by an unbeliever? You’re asking me to do what you have already said is impossible for me to do.

    Here’s the other thing: I’m not going to believe something just because it’s written in an old book. You’re going to have to give me a good reason to believe it before I will do so. If God does exist and has more brains than the average hamster then I’m sure he’ll be able to tell if I’m pretending to believe something I think is patently silly just to see if he’ll show up and say hello which, if I understand the rules properly, isn’t reason enough for him to do so.

    So then how is your advice to “just believe” useful in any real way?

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