The AFA is selling a sexually suggestive holiday sign.

It’s probably just a symptom of my terminally dirty mind, but this new offering from the American Family Association…

… leaves me with a very disturbing mental picture that I certainly didn’t need to contemplate. I just hope the poor guy is using plenty of lubrication because that’s an awful lot of rubbing to do in such a sensitive place when you consider the number of people he’s supposedly doing this for.

Not to be a jerk-off, but a Christmas card would’ve been just fine. There’s no need to personally take this in hand, so to speak.

Incidentally, a sign of your own will set you back $15. It’s the first time I’ve ever entertained giving the AFA money for anything, but knowing what it’ll go towards I figure it’s money well worth not spending.

3 thoughts on “The AFA is selling a sexually suggestive holiday sign.

  1. My mind went to a different place:
    First they came for the Jews… but I wasn’t a Jew so I didn’t object…

    Ol’ Sandy Claws is lurking around somewhere in there, too. Nothing like a bit of Xmas terror.

  2. I have to admit that that line of thinking didn’t occur to me — a symptom of my corruption no doubt — but now that you mention it it does have a rather sinister overtone…

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