And now for a bit of positive cat blogging.

Given the downer nature of the last couple of entries about cats I thought I should take a moment to do a positive one.

One year ago today is when Jasper stumbled into our lives. When I brought him home he looked like this:

Today, he looks like this:

Amazing how much difference a year in a good home can make, eh? He’s grown up into a beautiful, good-natured cat who loves to talk to you whenever he gets the chance. We met by total chance and I think both of us were pretty lucky it happened.

5 thoughts on “And now for a bit of positive cat blogging.

  1. Nice story Les. Both of them. I had no idea he was a stray that you rescued. Sorry for your loss.

  2. At least he’s healthy, the neighbors have a Blue Russian its a loving cat.
    but he has a bowel obstruction, his food digests, but comes back out
    the way it went down. he’s skinny but vets say they can’t do much for
    him these people weren’t his original owners. but he seems ok

  3. ….a bowel obstruction? No he isn’t okay… and yes there is something (s) that can be done but it would take surgery. Which means neighbors don’t want to pay the cost of surgery for the cat. Poor baby.

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