This made me laugh.

5 thoughts on “This made me laugh.

  1. It’s misinformed, serial-killer loving, misogynistic, rapey porn. And badly written too.

    Still better than Twilight.

  2. Steel, Iron, Mushroom, Battleship, Slate, Metorite, Zombie, Off white, Nearly black, Charcoal, Monochrome, Ash, Graphite, Lead, Pencil, Dust, Dusk, Tarmac, Stone, Slaked Lime, Donkey, French, Walrus, Mist, Fog, Cloud, Seal, Silver, Storm, Mould, Dove, Pigeon, Aluminum, Uranium, Portland Stone, Ermine, Gunmetal, Austrian, Jager, Winter Sea, Metallic, Mercury, Chrome, Smoke, Steam, Elephant, Platinum, Feldgrau, Confederate, Concrete.
    You have just read 50 Shades of Grey. Feeling horny yet?

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