Now this is my kind of greeting card: Calligraphuck.

I don’t have a lot of vices, but swearing is one of them. I have developed over the years a fine appreciation for an elegant cuss word sprinkled throughout a conversation. I also can appreciate a well written note, especially when done in calligraphy which is the only form of cursive language I feel is worth learning, but have never taken the time to learn myself. How awesome would it be, though, to learn calligraphy and use it in the fine art of swearing?

With any luck we may soon find out thanks to Linus Boman and his Kickstarter project Calligraphuck:

How fucking cool is that? I’m definitely kicking in a donation on this one. The goal is to raise $5,000 for the first print run and it’s currently sitting at $2,200 with 12 days left to go. Surely we can get him to $5,000 before the deadline, yes? How could we not? Look at how awesome those cards are!

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