Games I’m Looking Forward To: “Call of Duty: Black Ops II”

I’m a long-time CoD fan and I loved Treyarch’s previous Black Ops outing so it’s probably no surprise that the multiplayer reveal trailer that just came out today for  has me anticipating the followup:

Set in 2025 there will be all kinds of futuristic toys to play with like the quadrotor drones in the above video. We only get a small taste of what killstreaks and gadgets we can look forward to, but it’s enough to whet the appetite. The engine is looking pretty good considering its age and rumor has it they’re putting in place a proprietary anti-cheat system for the PC version. Not mentioned as of yet is whether or not dedicated servers will be the standard system for multiplayer, but I’m betting that it will be.

There’s still we a lot we don’t know about BO II multiplayer, but you can be sure we’ll get more details in the days to come. In the meantime that trailer looks hella nice in fullscreen HD.

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