I’ve been preoccupied.

It’s been awhile since I wrote a post of any length or substance and I thought I should at least explain why. It’s not for lack of trying. I’ve got one post I’ve scrapped and restarted 12 times now and it’s still not done. The reason for that is it’s about mortality, which my mind has been thinking about a lot lately. My father-in-law has terminal cancer and this has caused me to think of mortality more than usual and thus why I’ve been trying to write about it. I’m not sure how comfortable he is with me discussing details of his condition publicly so I keep scrapping the entry and starting over. I’ve yet to find a balance between his privacy and what I feel like I need to say to publish it, but I’ll probably keep working on it.

It’s captured enough of my attention that all of the other stuff that’s been in the news lately that I might have written about has been shoved aside. It doesn’t help that I’m on vacation this week which means I’m finding all these other distractions around me as well. There’s a couple of video games that I’ve not devoted much time to that I’ve been playing with. When I’m on vacation I’m also much worse at paying attention to news and current events. But it’s mostly my fixation on this one topic that I can’t get out of my head in a way that’s satisfying. So the current drought of new stuff here on SEB will probably continue for a bit.

Of course every time I say that I end up suddenly posting a whole bunch of new shit. So perhaps this will signal a break in the current logjam. That would be nice.

2 thoughts on “I’ve been preoccupied.

  1. Definitely your father-in-laws condition will take priority in your thoughts. That is as it should be. I received news that Jay’s cousin’s husband starts chemo shortly. So another friend has been stricken. All we can do is stand by ready to help where we can.

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