Discovery of the “God Particle” is a big defeat for atheists everywhere…

… or it is if you believe these idiots on Twitter:



6 thoughts on “Discovery of the “God Particle” is a big defeat for atheists everywhere…

  1. What they don’t realize is that we’re building a big atheist machine to collect god particles and fire them at Tea Party rallies. BWA-ha-ha-ha!

  2. Science has found evidence of something, Creationists have found evidence of science looking and asking questions.

  3. The minute I read the article I thought it was an unfortunate choice of names for the boson particle. Leon Lederman said it was an easier way of explaining how the theory got started. Dumb it down for the layman and the results get twisted by the believers like those in the post.

  4. and a lot of you need to do more research,..the higs bason “god particle” has nothing to do with god. It will hopefully give us an answer to why objects have mass, how galaxies are formed, how and why we exist, etc. It doesn’t point to god at all, it is still to be unanswered and you can think science for that. So to assume that God exists in the way that most religions believe It does not answer that. It is a break though in physics and our thinking on life though,..idk we will see.

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