Words of wisdom on formulating plans.

9 thoughts on “Words of wisdom on formulating plans.

  1. “Plan Z” is that the one where you try to kill all the zombies … and fail.

  2. There is always an option. if a to z does’nt work
    then use the final option. but only as a last resort

  3. Is this even an atheist blog anymore? its been near two months since anything of the sort was posted.

  4. M.Night shyamalan wrote:

    Is this even an atheist blog anymore? its been near two months since anything of the sort was posted.

    It’s an atheist blog in the sense that it’s run by an atheist. Honestly, atheism isn’t the only thing I ever talk about and I tend to be cyclical about topics over time. If it’s been 2 months since I last posted anything relating to atheism it’s only because I’ve not had much to say about it. I’m sure I’ll get around to it again when something catches my attention.

  5. Try checking the archives, “night”, they go back to 2001

    Also the popular threads list to the right is always full of new nitwits arguing for theistic viewpints, if you want something new you could always check in there.

    Stop your bitchin’.. This is “Les’s” blog, not an “atheist” blog per se, and personally I and many others really enjoy the variety, like the video games segments, the tech segments, the personal stories.. You know.. stuff found on a blog..

  6. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy Les’s other posts as well, I just enjoy his atheist content a smidge more. And I was beginning to worry that he may have turned to the dark side or something like another atheist blogger did a few days ago.

  7. Oh trust me, if I were to ever convert you folks would be the first to hear about it. There’s just so many people blogging about atheism these days and doing such a better job than I ever have at it that if I don’t think I have anything different to say on a topic than what everyone else has said then I don’t bother. I try to be more than a “me too” kind of blogger.

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